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How are you?

Thanks for visiting this page and showing interest in me. Let me introduce myself quickly!

I’m Yash Singh.

I am a 14 year old part-time blogger, affiliate marketer and Internet entrepreneur.

I entered in Blogging because I love learning new skills and writing.

I own 4+ blogs other than Bloggingblunders.

I started my Blogging journey in March 2020 when I was free because my exam was over and I was not allowed to go outside my home because of COVID-19.

From very small age I wanted to earn money. I wanted to earn money before I start going college and that dream came true.

Before starting Blogging, I was struggling to make money. I used to work 1 hour daily on some apps in which I had to click on ads but the revenue I was getting was too tiny.

I was earning only 3-4 INR a day by working hard for continuously for 1 hour. But fortunately, I knew about Blogging and Affiliate marketing in March 2020.

First I tried an Amazon affiliate blog and it failed miserably. In just 6 months I made and worked on 4 more blogs but all of them failed.

But I didn’t saw it as a failure rather I took it as my experience.

The same thing I want to tell all the new bloggers that take failure as a part of success.

After failing so many blogs I came to know that Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme. I have to give time, money and my efforts on it so that I can earn from it.

And from that day, I registered one more domain and continuously worked for 4 months and you know what?

It gave me results. I earned my first dollar from that blog. After doing many experiments on that blog for 6+ months I knew many secrets of Blogging.

I was always fond of sharing my experiences and knowledge with people and that is the reason why I started Bloggingblunders.

Here I share all my experiences and knowledge for FREE so that you can also get a boost in your blogging carrier.

That’s all about me for now! Thanks for reading it.

If you have any query then you can contact me here.

Your new friend from now

Yash Singh

Hi, I’m Yash Singh. I am a 14-year-old part-time blogger, affiliate marketer and Internet entrepreneur. Here I share information about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing and SEO.

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