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Learn How To Find A Powerful Expired Domain For FREE

Imagine, you write a post and that ranks in Google in just 10-15 days.

Sounds good?

Yes, it is and it’s possible too but it differs from niche to niche. If competition in your niche is less than it will be more easier to rank.

But you may think, how?

You can do it by leveraging the power of expired domains and in this article, I will help you to find an awesome and powerful expired domain that ranks faster.

So, let’s get started with its usage and then we will see how you can find one for you. 

Uses Of Expired Domain

There are several uses of an expired domain and people use it as per their needs but let’s see some of the major uses of an expired domain and how you can also use it. 

So now let’s see all of the above in details. 

1. Using For 301 Redirect

It’s one of the most common use of an expired domain. However, this is considered to be a black hat SEO techniques

If you want to see a sudden change in your ranking then you can try this technique but make sure that you do not try it on your money site because it can also destroy your website. 

2. Building An Authority Website

This is something I love to do and this is the most common use of expired domain among experienced bloggers. 

Ranking a website whose domain already has good authority on Google is easier than ranking a website with NO authority. 

Even I have also built this website on expired domain and till now my experience is good. 

3. PBN (Private Blog Network)

This is something which is known to many less bloggers and you may also have heard it for the first time, so let me explain it. 

PBN is a network of many websites which is used to give backlinks to each other or to a main website. 

If you are a newbie then I will recommend you to not use this because it can break your website. This can lead to penalization  of your website. 

So, now let’s see some of the benefits of using an expired domain and the reason why you should use expired domain instead of a new domain. 

Pros Of An Expired Domain

Some of the benefits of expired domain over a new one are-:

Every coin has it’s two face and so the expired domains. Now, let’s see some 

Cons Of An Expired Domain

I don’t want to mislead you. In full transparency, I say that if they are some advantages of expired domains then there are also some of the disadvantages of using an expired domain. 

Some disadvantages of using expired domain-:

So these were some cons of using an expired domain. Now let’s see how to find expired domain with traffic and authority. 

How To Find A Good Expired Domains (With High DA PA)

To find a good expired domains that ranks faster, you just have to follow the steps I have listed below. So, let’s get started. 

Step 1: Go to and sign up for an account. 

Step 2: Now go to the search bar and search your main keyword for your desired domain. 

find expired domain, how to find a good expired domain
  • Save

Step 3: Now click on “show filter”.

expired domain settings, how to find a good expired domain
  • Save

Step 4: Tick English under “dictionary word domain“. You can select your preferred language. Now tick deleted domains under “allowlist domain lists” & only new last 30 days under “listing settings” .

expired domain settings, expired domains backlink settings, find expired domain, how to find a good expired domain
  • Save

Step 4: Now go to additional and select the domain TLDs you prefer to buy. 

Step 5: Now click on the apply filter and this will apply the filters which you have selected now. 

Step 6: Click on BL & DP once. Now you will see the domains with many backlinks. 

expired domain settings, how to find a good expired domain
  • Save

Step 7: Now check the domain backlink profile from Ahrefs and if the backlink profile is good then check the spam score here.

If everything looks good then follow step 8 otherwise start again from step 2. 

Step 8: Now check the domain whether it is banned from Google AdSense or not. You can do so from here.

If the domain is not banned by Adsense, then you can start a website on it. 

Congratulations on finding an awesome expired domain. 

In A Nutshell

I hope you found a good expired domain name with traffic & authority. Now you can start a blog on that website and I guarantee that you will see results faster.

During the process of finding an expired domain, keep in mind that you have to see the quality of backlinks and not the quantity. 

Hope you liked our tutorial on how to find a good expired domain. 

Thanks for reading the article. Please share it if it helped you. 


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