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5 Tips To Keep Yourself Motivated To Blog (+ Blogging Quotes)

Blogging is not all about writing a post, getting traffic and making money. It’s more than that.

Not all of us have same experience of blogging. Many people get results in blogging faster compared to others.

But what if you are not getting results from blogging? Don’t worry! You are not alone.

Even when I started my blogging career, it wasn’t a good experience. I was unable to make a single penny for the first 8 months but the best thing I did was trying again.

Even now, I don’t consider myself a successful blogger but I m better than my past.

But everyone doesn’t have same thoughts, same experience, & same journey so how you will keep yourself motivated for blogging?

This is one of the most asked questions that “Yash how you motivate yourself for blogging when the situation is not according to you & how we find motivation for blogging?

So, I am going to answer these question in today’s post and how you can keep yourself motivated to blog (when it’s the worst situation).

Tip #1: Know Your Goal

This tip may sound ordinary but it’s not ordinary at all. This is the most important goal which helped me to be motivated to blog.

Knowing your goal helps you to do hard work consistently.

Whenever you feel demotivated, think of your goal and what you want. It will help you to be motivated again.

This will also help you to reach your goal in less time because achieving success is easy once you set your mind on a specific goal.

Now let’s move to the second one.

Tip #2: Read Other Bloggers Success Story

This is a famous tip and all motivational speakers suggest it.

When you read other bloggers success story, you can feel how it will feel when we will become successful.

Read other bloggers life story, failures and what made them successful. This will help you to know the mistakes of bloggers which held them to become a successful blogger.

I used this method a lot. I used to read the blog of Harsh Agrawal, Santanu Debnath Sir, & other successful bloggers.

It helped me to gain knowledge as well as self-confidence.

Tip #3: Think Of Money

I know many of you will disagree with me on this tip.

But wait! I have a valid reason for giving this tip.

Why anyone feels demotivated in blogging? Because they are unable to earn money in their expected time interval.

You cannot work hard for 4 years without earning a single penny. You need money.

Yes, it should not be the primary goal but it’s always one of the most important goals.

I know you may not be able to earn money now, but don’t quit. Work hard, Try again & try again & eventually you will succeed.

Do not think of earning 1000s of dollars in the beginning. First focus on earning $1, then $10, then 100$ and then further.

Remember, a tree does not give fruit from the first day. It takes time. The same principle applies to blogging. It’s a business and it will take time to give you fruit.

Tip #4: Compare Yourself From Your Past

Track your progress, your writing skills and try to be better than yesterday.

Try this tip and it will become the best source of motivation for blogging.

Don’t compare yourself with other successful bloggers because it has taken time and investment for them to earn handsome money which you are seeing today.

Track your blog progress and try to help more people through your blog and it will help you to generate more revenue.

Tip #5: Surround Yourself With Successful Bloggers

Personally, I am also using this tip although I am not demotivated it helps me to know more about my field.

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This will not only motivate you to blogging but will also help to increase your information. 

You can try this method and I am sure you will love it. 

You can also join BloggingBlunders V.I.P. Facebook group where you can share all your queries and problems. 

Quotes On Motivation For Blogging

This was all about motivation for blogging. Hope you liked it. Please share it if you found it helpful.

Enjoy Blogging!

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